Hi, I'm Tash

I help coaches and other lightworkers to get their contracts and essential legal protection in place so they feel safe to do their best work.  The world needs you on your A game, and I am here to support you all the way.

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Get your contracts, terms and conditions and other essential legal protection in place with ease and good energy.

Through her legal hub for coaches, Tash Minchella is helping this new wave of enlightened businesses to get their magic out into the world. 

She combines a city training and over 20 years of commercial legal experience with a deep understanding and appreciation of coaching and the change it makes to people’s lives. This led to her organically growing a niche legal business just for coaches and creating a space for them to get their legal foundations in place with ease - and maybe even a dash of fun! 

Coaching comes with its own unique set of challenges - but getting your protection in place does not have to be heavy work.  When the support comes from a place of love and understanding, it is liberating and a complete gamechanger! 


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The Orchard Legal Hub For Coaches

The easy and cost-effective way for you to get your legal foundations in place, setting you free to get on with your best work!

Client Contract Starter Pack

This Free Client Contract starter pack will walk you through the essentials you need to cover you business and your assets and make you feel safe, secure and empowered to do you best work.

"Hiring Natasha is one of the best things I've done for my coaching business. Natasha found a way to make the creating of my contract and terms and conditions super simple and fun even. I never thought I'd say that about legal work. I feel really held by her because she has always been there for me when I needed to tweak something or if I had any questions about particular client situations. Having a professional coaching agreement means that I've felt at the top of my game from the start and it creates a beautifully strong foundation between me and my clients as well. I have referred a colleague to Natasha already and will continue to do so as she is an incredibly important part of my Success Team. On top of being a super competent lawyer she also happens to be a beautiful human being. A pleasure to work with."

Nancy Florence
Success Coach For Women

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