The first three steps towards registering your trademark

Uncategorized Sep 07, 2020

I am going to let you into a secret that most lawyers will not want you to know… it’s actually fairly simple to register a trademark in the UK!  And therefore in most cases you should be able to do it yourself with a little bit of guidance and hand-holding (see why they don’t want you to know?!).

But first, why register a trademark? It is so important to protect any name which is connected with your business, whether it’s your brand name or a product name, or perhaps even a slogan or strap line, as it will stop anyone else from using that name and piggybacking on your goodwill as you build your brand. Registering a trademark is one of the most effective types of protection.

So here are three things that you can start doing to take those first steps to register your trademark:

1. Do a search on the Trademark Registry, to see whether someone is already using that name - and in particular whether they’re using it for a product or service that is similar to yours.

2. When you register your trademark, you register it against a particular class or classes that are relevant to what you do - there is a list available so make sure you have a good look and register it against all classes that are relevant. Don’t leave any out - it is much more cost effective to do all the classes in one go.

3. Work out if you are going to register just the words - ie the name - or the words combined with your logo. If you register just the words you get more protection than if you register the words  combined with the logo. It’s not always possible, but if it is open to you then I recommend you register the words on their own, and your logo separately.

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