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I'LL SHOW YOU HOW TO CUT THROUGH THE OVERWHELM AND GAIN CLARITY IN 5 EASY STEPS. The easy guide to what you need in your client contract to protect your business and your assets - and make you feel safe, secure and empowered to do your best work. In 5 simple steps. With no heavy legalese - and good vibes guaranteed!

What You Will Learn?

  • The 5 essential ingredients you need to protect you, your business and your assets
  • The biggest mistake coaches make when drafting their contracts
  • How to feel confident about charging properly for your services
  • Simple next steps
  • All in plain English - no stuffy legalese!

"Natasha was so helpful from the word go. As soon as I received my coaching contract from her I was over the moon! I had been trying to draft my own for so long and that really just does not work, you can trust me on that one! Natasha’s template coaching contract was perfect for me. Thank you for all your help and support Natasha."

Izabella Levey
Success Coach & Mentor

"Natasha has found a way to make the creation of my contract and terms and conditions super simple, and fun even. I never thought I’d say that about legal work! Having a professional coaching agreement means that I’ve felt at the top of my game from the start and it creates a beautifully strong foundation between me and my clients as well."

Nancy Florence
Success Coach for Women Entrepreneurs

Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Natasha.

I'm the founder of 'The Orchard' for UK and International Coaches.

I support coaches in getting their essential legal foundations in place, with ease and good vibes guaranteed, so they feel safe to go deep with their clients and do their best work. 

For creative entrepreneurs, the subject of contracts and legals is so often associated with fear. It doesn’t have to be!

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Grab your FREE Client Contract  Starter Kit for Coaches.