and I am a small business owner on an entrepreneurial journey – just like you. I understand that feeling of helplessness and overwhelm when you know you need to get something crucial in place for your business but you just don’t know where to begin or how you are going to find the budget. Even when you are in flow, working on your wonderful products and services, you have a nagging feeling which stops you from doing your best work and from sleeping soundly at night.

That is why I have taken all my experience from over 20 years of helping small businesses with their contracts and other legal protection and used it to develop a system for start up entrepreneurs and small businesses to get their legal foundations in place; without breaking the bank and without tying up all their precious cash flow!

Good News Alert! Now you no longer have to choose between promoting your business OR getting your all important legal protection in place – I’m making a stand for the “and”. It’s possible for you to allocate the lion’s share of your budget to your website, marketing and promotional materials AND still get your crucial legal protection in place. Which will help to ensure your business survives and thrives. And all in a way that feels in alignment with your business and values.

Plus so many of my clients tell me just how liberating it is to get their legal ducks in a row and how great it feels; setting them free to get on with the stuff that they are really good at, knowing their business and assets are protected. The feel good factor in a contract – now I bet you weren’t expecting that!?


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