The 3 non-negotiables for getting your coaching business legally protected

The world needs you on your A game! Now more than ever, we need light-workers like you going all in with your clients and working your magic.  So let’s get you sorted with your essential legal protection - so you feel safe to do your best work

Here is my no frills list of the three non-negotiables you need in place as a coach:

1. Your client contract  

This one is not up for discussion!  Even if you are just starting off.  Even if you are still at the family and friends/ friends of friends stage (arguably it’s even more important at this stage).

Every day I hear my members tell me that they used to: 

  • play small, 
  • shrink from signing people up, 
  • avoid advertising and spreading the word, 
  • delay following their true passion, 
  • not charge properly (or at all!) for their services 

all because they didn’t have a client contract, or they had something they pulled together themselves and couldn’t rely on it.


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4 key things you need in writing if you use a VA in your coaching business

First, let me start off by saying, “Congratulations”.  If you’re a coach and you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’re now at a point in your business that you are thinking about hiring a VA for your coaching business for some additional support - and a VA is a great choice!

Handing parts of your business over to a VA can be a daunting prospect.  You may be worried about the privacy of your data and your Clients data; what type of contract you need; and what you need to include to ensure that you and your coaching business is protected.  

I’m going to share with you 4 things you will need in writing if you use a VA in your coaching business (in fact, these 4 things will apply to any third party service providers that you use). 

If you use a VA or any third party service providers to create intellectual property in your business 

[This is an absolutely crucial point that will give you complete peace of mind and...

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How can I avoid refund requests from my clients? And how can I protect myself if things go wrong?

3 simple things you can do to improve your position 100%

So, you did all the soul searching work on finding out what your why is.  You created your business to allow you to follow your true purpose.  You nailed your message to speak to your ideal customer.  You spent long days and nights creating your programme.  And you actually have some clients!

You should be feeling on top of the world, but you can’t shake this underlying feeling of worry which is spoiling the fun.  You feel vulnerable and exposed and it’s stopping you doing your best work.  

You are not alone in this, my friend.  I have heard this from my clients many times and two of the main reasons for this underlying yucky feeling (technical term!) are:

  • It has taken you so much time and effort to get your clients, you are now worried about them asking for a refund!
  • You feel the weight of your clients’ expectations – what if they are unreasonable?  What if...
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