How to make sure you get paid in tough times

contracts refunds Jul 14, 2022

We are navigating some tricky times right now. There's a lot of economic uncertainty about, as we know only too well. In these times we might find, for example, that we're having to offer more payment plans or longer payment plans than we would typically do, which means that we're taking on more risk of not being paid.

This is a hot topic at the moment with many coaches and I am getting a lot of questions about it. I know it's something that a lot of small business owners are really worrying about and it's keeping them up at night.

In this article, I will dive deep into a select list of key ways and practical things that you can do to improve the chances of you getting paid, because we want to make sure that your business survives and thrives and comes out the other side of this difficult period, even stronger than before. 


The areas we're going to look at are:

  1. Why your written contract is the main difference between getting paid and not getting paid.
  2. Why your service...
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How can I avoid refund requests from my clients? And how can I protect myself if things go wrong?

3 simple things you can do to improve your position 100%

So, you did all the soul searching work on finding out what your why is.  You created your business to allow you to follow your true purpose.  You nailed your message to speak to your ideal customer.  You spent long days and nights creating your programme.  And you actually have some clients!

You should be feeling on top of the world, but you can’t shake this underlying feeling of worry which is spoiling the fun.  You feel vulnerable and exposed and it’s stopping you doing your best work.  

You are not alone in this, my friend.  I have heard this from my clients many times and two of the main reasons for this underlying yucky feeling (technical term!) are:

  • It has taken you so much time and effort to get your clients, you are now worried about them asking for a refund!
  • You feel the weight of your clients’ expectations – what if they are unreasonable?  What if...
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